Monday, March 31, 2014

90/365 • spring blossoms

90/365 • I am grateful for:
The wall of art my daughter hangs in her room. Gifts that last me years and remind me of the people who gifted them. How the snow looks blanketing spring blossoms, and feels kinda special in the moment. Friends that grow and choose to let me grow with them. Open, loving, hearts and hugs. ‪#‎365daysofgratitude‬

Thursday, March 13, 2014

72/365 • nose rings

I find myself loitering in a grumpy mood today. Acceptance is the first step, right? I guess that means it is time to list out things I am grateful for: 72/365 • clean water, having a roof over my head, being woken up sweetly instead of getting kicked out of bed, having someone who will wake me up when I sleep through my alarm, hugs, drawing, small wins, nose rings, insurance, crayola crayon color names, crappy movies with good company, tacos, smiling, lunch with friends, writing and date nights.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Rain and blog neglect

66/365 • This time of year I am reminded how much I absolutely love the rain; everything about it. I like that Earth loves the rain. I love running through rain with no shoes. The sound of rain on an umbrella is fantastic. The silence that comes with the rain is thoughtful and peaceful. It's breathtaking when sunshine pushes its way through the rain drops and the world is like a prism. I like to catch the reflection of the world on puddled waves that the rain makes. It smells like earth, a blanket of petrichor hugs me between the water. I love the rain. #365daysofgratitude #rain 

I've been neglecting to update my blog with my gratitude. Between all of the social media, I haven't figured out how to get it to post to my blog yet when I post other places.  I will figure it out!

love, Mimi

Sunday, February 23, 2014

54/365 #howdidigetsolucky

This morning I realized nothing holds a candle to waking up next to my sweetheart. I’m so very grateful for John Rogers. #howdidigetsolucky #365daysofgratitude #inlove #johnandmimiadventures #mine #4ever 54/365

Friday, February 21, 2014

52/365 • love notes

52/365 • Gratitude: love notes, new friends, old friends, new moments, great memories, living in the moment, painting, knowing what to make for dinner, Olivia Winn and my family. ‪#‎365daysofgratitude‬ ‪#‎perfectionisboring‬

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

49/365 • good silence

GratiTuesday: coconut oil, John Rogers, chili, mac and cheese, Jordan King, playing "hot lava" with the kiddos, Kelton's love for music, long hugs, good music, good silence, my job, hoodies. #365daysofgraditude • 49/365

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

43/365 • good literature and my madness

I will never take for granted how fluid and enrolling good literature is. Words so exquisite and tenacious… like tenacious and exquisite. They capture all of me when I read them. I’m sure I found the murder in me listening to E.A. Poe’s Tell Tale Heart this morning. “And now have I not told you that what you mistake for madness is but over-acuteness of senses?” Good old Poe, making me feel like I am not the only one stricken with “madness” at times. I heart books.
So I drew a Raven.

Love,  Mimi

43/365 • good literature and my madness #365daysofgratitude